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How do I apply Reap Credits to my transaction?
How do I apply Reap Credits to my transaction?
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User can earn Reap Credits (RCs) by using promo codes provided by Reap. To understand more about how to add a promo code to your Reap account, please click here.

Apply Reap Credit to Reap Collect transactions

To use RCs on your Reap Collect transactions, please make sure you have 1) turned on Use Reap Credit on Reap Collect dashboard, and 2) allocated the transaction fee to be paid by Reap Collect user.

The system will then automatically apply the RCs in your account to your future Reap Collect transactions. You can click on a transaction to check if the RCs was applied.

Apply Reap Credit to Reap Pay transactions

Reap Credits (RCs) can be applied to one-time or recurring payments through Payment Review, the last step when you complete a Reap payment.  When you check Use my Reap Credits, your RC balance will be applied to the total amount of your payment.

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