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How to create a customized Reap Collect link
How to create a customized Reap Collect link
Detailed step-by-step guide to easily create a customized collection link so your customers can easily pay you
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Once you have logged into your Reap account, click on "Reap Collect" on the left hand side of the web page, then click on "Collect" tab under it

  1. Click on the "+Add" button on the top right hand corner of the page. Then input the amount you want the customer to pay and select the currency you would like displayed to your customer

  2. You can choose who to pay the transaction fee and enter the description of the payment as reference

  3. Optional: provide more optional information, by clicking on the "+More options" button to modify the invoice number, add a due date and add an attachment if you wish

  4. Then add your customer's information e.g. customer name, and optionally, you can fill in their email address to share the new Collect link with them via email or phone number to share it via WhatsApp

  5. Once you finish filling in all the required information, you can review and confirm the information you have entered before creating your Collection link

  6. After clicking on "Share Link", your Collection link will be ready for use!

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