Please be reminded that this function is exclusively applicable to Reap business users. Reap is only able to process payments for tax bills in the user's own name. If you have a valid business registration, please contact us so that we could update your account type. Thank you for your understanding.

After pressing on the red button "+Add new payment" please follow the steps below:

1. Under Recipient currency, select "HKD - Hong Kong Dollar"
2. Under Recipient category, select "Government organizations"
3. For Recipient type, select "Company"
4. Under Name of bank account holder, select "Inland Revenue Department"
5. Enter your tax reference number (shroff account number) as your Bill payee account number

6. Enter the exact amount as stated on your income tax demand note/tax bill from government
7. Fill in the "payment description" for an easy reference for you to track
8. Upload your income tax demand note/tax bill from government as a supporting document

9. Enter your credit card details
10. Review all your details you've input & click submit!

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