Creating your invoice

  1. Log into your dashboard and click onto "Reap Collect" tab on the left hand column

  2. Then under "Reap Collect" click onto the "Invoice" tab

  3. Click onto "+ New Invoice" button on the top right hand corner

4. Fill in your basic information e.g. business name, default currency, address

5. Select the customer you will like to bill to by clicking on the "Add customer" button

6. You can either "select existing customer" or "add a new customer"

7. Fill in all the details for your invoice such as item name, item quantity, item price, select due date. You may customize your invoice by uploading your company logo and adding a company stamp/chop. You may also include a reference, payment instructions, notes/terms (these are optional).

8. If you want to customise your invoice further, you can click on the top right hand corner button "Customise Invoice" to change your business address, edit currency, edit fee allocation...etc.

Click here to learn about how to share/send your invoice.

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