Reap Pay supports processing payments in 16 currencies, allowing you to pay in your own currency while recipients could receive funds in their native currency. The following currencies are supported by Reap Pay:

  • Hong Kong dollar (HKD)

  • Singapore dollar (SGD)

  • United States dollar (USD)

  • British pound (GBP)

  • Australian dollar (AUD)

  • Canadian dollar (CAD)

  • Indonesian rupiah (INR)

  • Japanese yen (JPY)

  • South Korean won (KRW)

  • Malaysian ringgit (MYR)

  • New Zealand dollar (NZD)

  • Philippine peso (PHP)

  • Polish Zloty (PLN)

  • Thai baht (THB)

  • Vietnamese dong (VND)

  • Euro (EUR)

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