Team Permissions function allows your team to use a unified company account setting, and it is a convenient way to manage and review the transaction records of all staff.

Three simple steps to manage your team permission:

  1. Log in to your existing Reap account, go to the "Team" page to add team members and set the permissions

  2. Your invited team member should be able to receive an email from Reap. Please remind them to complete the registration by following the instructions listed on the email.

  3. After registration, your invited team members can now use Reap Pay / Collect / Card based on their user level

User Level Permissions Overview

Compare user-level permission - Reap Card
Compare user-level permission - Reap Collect
Compare user-level permission - Reap Pay

User Levels

Owner (Tag) - the owner tag can be added on the existing user levels to indicate the ownership and grant them a customised access level
Admins - those who need almost all access to the account

Team Member - those who need to collect money for the company and look after their own transactions

View only - accountants who need to see transaction records

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