As an admin-level user, you could invite team members to collaborate with you or to use Reap's services under your company's account by initiating an invitation from the Reap dashboard.

By adding the team members to the designated Group and assigning role Permission, team members of respective levels, departments or regions will be able to perform their duties accordingly.

3 simple steps to manage your team's permission

Step 1: Log in to your Reap account, and go to the Team page. Click on + Team member to start inviting a team member to use Reap

Step 2: Fill in the team member's Work email, assign them to a Permission role and Group. Click the toggle to edit the personalised permissions, and click Send invitation.

Admin has the highest permission and they can execute all tasks. They can add physical or virtual cards for team members, add team members to any Group and view all transactions in the company's Reap account.

If you assign someone as an admin, you can turn the respective toggle on or off, to control the new admin's ability to create or edit cards and create new Reap Pay payments.

Group Owner is designed for department heads or regional managers. For example, you could invite marketing team members to your marketing group as a Marketing Director. As the owner of the group, you can create and assign credit cards for your team member, and review transactions done by the marketing team.

If you assign someone as a group owner, you can turn the respective toggle on or off, to control the new group owner's ability to create or edit cards and create new Reap Pay payments.

Employee permission allows a team member to settle business expenses with their employee credit card. Team members with this role permission can check and review their card balance and transaction history by logging in to the Reap dashboard.

If you assign someone as an employee, you can only control the new group owner's ability to create new Reap Pay payments. They cannot create or edit cards by default.

View Only is made for team members who need to review transaction records only (e.g. accounting team). This user level allows the team member to handle credit card repayment, view all team members' credit cards, and approve transactions. Team members with View Only role permission couldn't own an employee card as they normally don't have the need to make transactions on behalf of the company.

If you assign someone as a viewer, you cannot further customise their permissions for now.

Please refer to the below articles for detailed permissions and restrictions on each role:

Step 3: Reap will send the invitation via email. The team member can simply click on the "Join your team" button in the email to start their registration. They can complete the registration by following the instructions here.

! If the team member is unable to receive the invitation email, please go to the Team page, and follow the steps shown at the screenshot below to retrieve the invitation link.

After registration, your team members can start using different Reap services based on their roles.

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