1. If you don't have a Reap Collect account yet but want to turn it on, you can click on the toggle "Accept credit cards"

2. Then click on the "Setup now" button

3. Select your business type

4. Fill in your business website/social media page URL or click on "I want to describe my business instead" if you don't have a website


5. Fill in your personal details e.g. full name, date of birth, home address

6. Provide your HKID number or passport number

7. Fill in your phone number and select your method of a one-time phone verification via whatsapp code, sms code or a call

8. Fill in the 6-digit verification code you received. If you can't receive it click "Resend" or "Change verification method" to select a different way to verify.

9. Input your bank account details which you would like to use to collect funds with

10. After filling in everything, there will be a summary for you to review and confirm your details before clicking "Submit"

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