! Please make sure you have set a spend limit for the Business representative's card before creating or ordering any employee card. Click here to know more about setting a spend limit for Business representative's card.

Step 1: After logging into Reap dashboard, click on Reap Card to expand the menu. Afterwards, select Cards. On Cards page, click + New Card on the upper right corner, then click Add virtual card

Step 2: Please add a cardholder to the virtual card you are creating by searching their name on the search bar. You can opt to issue a virtual card to an existing team member, or to a team member who is not on Reap, by clicking on + Add new team member. Click here to learn more about inviting new team member. After selecting or inviting a team member as the cardholder, please click Next.

Step 3: Proceed to the card information page.

Please fill in the Card title and Card category with the respective expense you are planning to use this virtual card for.

Step 4: Please choose if you would like the card on a One-time or Recurring basis. For One-time virtual cards, please set the spending limit as well as an expiry date for the card. Once the one-time card has reached its expiry date, it can no longer be used. For Recurring virtual cards, please set a spending limit per month for the card.

Step 5: Review the details of the virtual card. After confirming the card information is correct, click Create virtual card. You will then be able to see the virtual card on Cards page.

Inviting a new team member while creating your virtual card:

Step 2.1: To add a new team member on Reap, you will need to provide the team member's Work email, Department they work in and set their Permission role.

For more information about different account functions for each permission role, please click here, or click See details on this step.

To understand how your team member can sign up under your team's account on Reap, please click here.

Step 2.2: Once the invite has been sent, you will see a confirmation banner. Click Continue virtual card creation to proceed. You will be able to see the invited new team member's email showing on the cardholder name list with the status Invite pending. Click Next to continue the virtual card creation process.

You can click here to jump back to Step 3 of the virtual card creation guide.

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