Cardholders will need to make their card repayment from a Hong Kong bank account in their own name. For your convenience, you can use online banking or mobile banking to make a bank transfer to Reap.

Please note that Reap Card repayment does not accept transfers from cardholder's friends or relatives, and no cash deposits can be accepted.

Step 1: Go to the Transactions tab after logging into Reap dashboard (as shown on the left-hand sidebar). Afterwards, click the red button Make payment.

Step 2: On the Make Payment page, Reap's bank details/FPS info will be shown and the cardholder can make repayment through bank transfer/FPS with the provided details. Please note that a reference code will be provided in the bank details section. Make sure you include the reference code when submitting the bank transfer/FPS (at the ‘Message,’ ‘Description,’ or ‘Reference’ step). This will help us identify your repayment.

Step 3: After making a repayment, please notify Reap team by filling out the above form shown on the same page. State the Payment amount and the Payment date of the repayment, then click the red button I've made a bank transfer.

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