With our deposit function, users can collect both deposit and remaining balance with the same collect link. If you are familiar with how to create a collect link with the deposit function, please click here and to see how to collect the remaining balance.

How to set up a deposit payment collect link:

Step 1: After logging into Reap dashboard, expand the Reap Collect menu and click Collect

Step 2: On Collect page, click on + Collect button on the upper right corner

Step 3: Click on Add fixed amount in the pop-up window to create a collect link with deposit function

Step 4: After filling out the collect amount, click on Take a deposit, instalments or subscriptions (instalment and subscription functions will be available in December 2021)

Step 5: Select if you would like to collect a deposit in Percentage or Flat amount

Step 6: Fill out the Payment purpose, invoice number (optional) and due date (optional)

Step 7: Add a New customer or select an Existing customer to receive the payment request

Step 8: Review the details of the collect link, then click Share link

How to charge the remaining balance:

Step 1: On Collect page, click on Recurring billing. You will be able to check the status of all recurring billing transactions you have created here. Click on the transaction that you would like to collect the remaining balance.

Step 2: A side panel will pop out showing all transaction details. Click on the red button Charge HKD {amount} on the bottom

Step 3: A confirmation window will pop out, please confirm charging the remaining balance by clicking on Charge HKD {amount} again. As a reference, Reap will send out a notification email to the customer for the charge of the remaining balance.

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