! Please make sure you have set a spend limit for the Business representative's card before creating or ordering any employee card. Click here to know more about setting a spend limit for Business representative's card.

Step 1: Click on Team tab after logging into Reap dashboard

Step 2: On Team page, look for the team member you would like to order a physical card for, and click on + Order physical card

Step 3: Check the box in the pop-up window, then set a Spend limit for the card. The physical card will be sent to the shipping address of the company account, therefore you will not need to update/confirm the address here. If your company address has changed, please go to Update account settings to update the company shipping address before ordering any physical cards.

Step 4: Click Order physical card to confirm ordering the physical card. Reap will deliver the physical card for the team member in 14 days after you have submitted the order from your account.

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