Before you begin

  1. Visit the link below to view the reusable Reap Collect link generator template
    Reusable Collect Link Creation Template (Google Sheet)

    As the Google sheet here is a template, you cannot edit this file yet. You'll need to create a copy of this file to your Google Drive.

  2. Go to FileMake a Copy to copy this file to your Google Drive. You can now make edits based on the copied file.

  3. Visit Reap Dashboard SettingsProduct Settings Collect customizationCollect link URL and copy your Collect link URL

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Paste your Reap Collect link URL on the Reap POS Link URL field

  2. Replace the Amount and Description of the transaction you wish to create (shown in Red).

  3. (Optional) If you wish to designate a customer on this URL, you could also add the first name, last name, and email on the designated columns.

  4. After filling in all the information, you'll see the Collect link is generated on the Secured URL column. You can copy that and send it to customers to settle the amount.

The Final Product

When the customer opens the link you provided, they will be directed to the credit card payment page to settle the payment directly.

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