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How to set up autopay for HKD Reap Card repayment?
How to set up autopay for HKD Reap Card repayment?

Reap allows you to pay outstanding Reap Card statements swiftly with autopay!

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Depending on the requirements of different bank institutions, users may need to verify the autopay request with their bank.

❗ This feature is exclusive to Owner user level only.

  1. Click on Repayment on the Reap Dashboard.

2. On Repayment page, click Set up Autopay.

3. Indicate the bank account type: Business or Personal.

4. Choose a bank account of your choice for repayment, then input the Bank Account information

5. Select the Direct debit amount to repay to Reap automatically every month.

You can choose from the 3 options we provide on autopay:

Fixed amount: Reap will auto charge a fixed amount end of each month

Full statement balance: Reap will auto charge the full statement balance of the month at the end of each month

Set amount manually every month: user can log into Reap and set the repayment amount, Reap will then charge the amount from the linked bank account ( ! user will need to initiate the repayment manually every billing cycle)

6. Ensure the details you have provided on this page are accurate and Edit if you need to update any of the information.
( ! Please make sure the HKID or passport details shown on this step is matching with your bank record).
Check the Terms and Conditions checkbox then click Confirm.

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