We understand you may need to review the eDDA status to make sure every repayment is scheduled to be paid out smoothly. We allow administrative staff to view these details easily.

Also, this feature is exclusive to owner and admin user levels only. For team member and view-only level users, please contact your company's administrators to complete this action.

  1. Visit DashboardSettingsOrganization SettingsBank account
    On the Autopay setting, we will state which direct debit amount you have set for your repayment and the account status.

  2. If you want to change the direct debit amount, please click on the respective drop-down menu to see all options available. You can then choose the new option, and click Save to confirm the change.

  3. If you prefer turning off the autopay or changing the existing registered bank account to another, please click the Turn off autopay button to remove the current connection. You may then set up the autopay again on the Reap dashboard if necessary.

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