Understanding your Card transaction status is crucial for troubleshooting problematic payments and helping accountants reconcile expenses accurately.

Our team has created a summary to help you understand how your funds flow after purchasing a product or service with Reap Card. The following section will be a more detailed explanation of the flow diagram.

Credit Card Payment Journey Explained

The journey begins when you purchase with your Reap card. Your purchase is then sent to Reap, which verifies the transaction and puts a hold on the funds.

Next, Reap will mark this transaction as Pending, and send an authorisation to the merchant, and the merchant submits the payment for processing. Once the payment is processed, the funds are released from Reap, for the merchant to capture.

After the merchant captures the funds, Reap will mark the transaction as Cleared. Reap will include the transaction details in the monthly statement. It may take 0 - 30 days for the transaction status to change from pending to cleared. Once the transaction is cleared, the cardholder's entity needs to repay the balance due by the statement due date.

Common Exceptions

Authorization Reversals

Merchants can reverse an authorization (a pending transaction) before capturing the payment. If this happens, Reap will send an email notification to you. And the pending transaction record will be removed from your Reap Card transaction records.

Below is a list of common reasons for a reversal transaction:

  • The customer cancelled a purchase before the order confirmation

  • The merchant found that the customer was charged an incorrect amount

  • The transaction was mistakenly carried out more than once

  • The hotel you stayed at wants to give you back the deposit held on the card

If you are unsure why you receive emails of authorisation reversals, we encourage you to contact the merchant listed on the notification to ensure the status of your purchases.


Merchants can refund a cleared transaction after capturing the payment. If this happens, Reap will send an email notification to you. There will also be an additional line on your Reap Card transactions page, marked as Refunded, showing the credit refunded from the merchant to you.

Below is a list of common reasons for a refund transaction:

  • The merchant arranges a refund after the delivery

  • The product is found out of stock or sold out after order confirmation

It usually takes 5 to 14 business days for a refund to be processed. You should contact the merchant to follow up if you are left waiting for too long. You may also request the merchant to provide an ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) for your reference.

ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) is a unique number assigned to an online transaction. Usually, the merchant will have this code ready within 24-72 business hours of initiating the refund. If you haven't spotted the refund on Reap Card's transaction page for more than 14 business days, and your merchant has confirmed that they have completed the refund, please contact us with the Reap Card transaction ID and the ARN. We are more than happy to check the refund status for you.

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