What is Reap?


Reap is a financial platform that enables access and financial connectivity through innovation for companies of all sizes. We are committed to helping businesses orchestrate success by offering the best financial tools and technology that evolve with our customers and the market. Our card-issuing API allows businesses to issue and curate their own credit card programs securely, providing seamless experiences for customers. Together with our expense management software, which combines global payout and our flagship Reap Visa Corporate Credit Card (Reap Card), we empower businesses to take control of their finances and streamline their operations.

Reap Card is a corporate credit card backed by VISA that helps businesses manage their expenses and budgets more efficiently. Our card comes with a range of features, including expense tracking, real-time spending alerts, and customisable spending limits.

Reap Pay is a payment solution that enables businesses to make and receive payments across the globe securely. With Reap Pay, businesses can pay their suppliers, vendors, and employees via various payment methods.