Best Practices on How to Increase Reap Card Available Balance


Let's illustrate the billing cycle with a hypothetical scenario:

Imagine you have a deposit of $1000 in USDC and you've spent an equivalent of $500 in USD fiat by January 31st.

Situation 1:

  • If you repay the equivalent of $500 in USD fiat before February 20th, your available balance will return to $1000 USD on the day you make the repayment.

Situation 2:

  • If you don't take any action by February 21st, your available balance will be $500 USD equivalent amount in fiat. If this happens, you'll face an incremental interest rate in March as a late payment penalty. This penalty will apply for the upcoming payment cycle starting from February 21st until the day you make the repayment.

Wondering how to increase your Reap Card’s available balance to perform daily transactions? There are two methods:

  1. Use the ‘Increase Credit via Deposit’ button

    This allows you to increase your available balance by adding more funds to your deposit at any point during the month. However, if you have an unpaid monthly balance, it will still need to be repaid using the repayment method below, regardless of the available amount that you have in your Reap Card account.

  2. Use the ‘Repayment’ button

    By repaying upon receiving your monthly statement, you can free up funds and increase your available balance. However, you cannot repay more than the amount listed on your monthly statement. This means your available balance increase will not exceed the amount you've deposited.

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