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How to Report Suspected Fraudulent Transactions?
How to Report Suspected Fraudulent Transactions?
Guide to freeze card and report fraudulent transactions within the chargeback initiation period
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  1. Following this guide, please log in to your Reap Dashboard and freeze your Reap Card as soon as possible.

  2. Please contact Customer Success Team to order a new replacement card, if the lost/stolen card is a physical card.

  3. If you suspect a fraudulent transaction has been made without your consent. Please report to our Customer Success Team with the transaction ID provided. Please provide any possible explanation of how your card information could have been compromised.

Please note that the chargeback request must be reported within 120 days. If you have previously provided your card information to a known merchant, the user must show evidence of failure to receive a refund or be unable to contact the merchant in order to raise a chargeback.

A chargeback normally takes 3 - 4 months to conclude with a result. If the dispute is won, we will credit the disputed fee back to your card. But if the dispute is lost, your company will be required to settle the payment.

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