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How do I approve/reject a Payment requiring Approval?
How do I approve/reject a Payment requiring Approval?
A guide for admins to understand their next action after an employee makes a request.
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This tutorial will show both the requester's and approver's dashboard when a payment needs to be approved before going through. Please refer to the interactive walkthrough here or the step-by-step guide below.

How can a Requester create a Reap Pay payment?

  1. Create a Reap Pay payment by filling in all the necessary details and submitting the payment.

  2. After the payment has been created, a pending approval window will appear.

  3. The requester can check the payment status by clicking on the transaction.

How can an Approver approve/reject a Reap Pay payment?

Upon receiving a request, a red circle with a number inside it will appear next to 'Approvals' in the menu bar, indicating the number of pending requests that require your approval.

  1. Click 'Approvals' → 'Requests' on the dashboard

  2. The approver will see the requests broken down into 'Reap Pay payment' or 'Reap card spend limits'. Click on 'Reap Pay payment' in this walkthrough.

  3. The approver will be able to click the transaction to check all the details by clicking on the item. After checking, you can choose to 'Approve' or 'Reject' this request.

  4. Once you choose the appropriate action, the transaction status will be updated.

What does Success look like?

As the requester, you can view the real-time review status on the side panel of the Reap Pay payment page.

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