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How to make a repayment with deposit?
How to make a repayment with deposit?
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*This is only for USD account, does not apply to HKD account*
In order to make a repayment with your deposit placed, please ensure that there is sufficient deposit to make a repayment. To place a deposit, please refer to this guide. Please also note that withdrawing your deposit to make a repayment may affect the cards you have right now, some of your cards may have their credit limit capped.

Step 1. Click on Reap Card after logging into your Reap Dashboard.

Step 2. Click on Repayment.

Step 3. Click on Make Repayment.

Step 4. Click on Reap crypto deposit.

Step 5. Choose the amount you would like to make a repayment for, then click Confirm Payment.

Step 6. Click on Confirm and then click Done.

Step 7. You may click on the icon below under Transactions page to check your deposit withdrawn.

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