Know who to talk to @ Reap


If you have any questions about using Reap, we're here to help. For efficient assistance, this guide will direct you to the appropriate contact for your specific needs.

Growth Team

If you want to understand better which product or service best fits your business model and needs, you can reach out to our growth team.

Book a meeting: via this Calendly link

Onboarding Team

Reach out to the onboarding team for any inquiries regarding your business verification status.


Customer Support Team

Contact the customer support team for assistance with setting up your Reap account, reporting bugs, troubleshooting the Reap dashboard, using the Reap Card or Reap Pay, or for inquiries about your monthly bills.

You can reach them via email. A live chatbot is also available for immediate assistance in our Reap dashboard.

Product feedback

If you have feedback or specific features you'd like us to implement, please fill in our 'request a feature' form that you can access in your Reap menu sidebar. A representative from our product team will reach out for a follow-up call if necessary.