What is Reap Treasury?


Reap Treasury provides an overview of your account assets and fund allocation. This includes the types of digital currencies (USDT/ USDC) you've sent to Reap for various purposes. It also allows for a much faster fund reconciliation whilst sending funds (within few minutes) into Reap in order to use the Reap product suite.

You can find Reap Treasury from the sidebar of your Reap Dashboard.

Feature overview

Reap Treasury allows you to:

  • Get a comprehensive overview of all your funds sent to Reap with detailed breakdown

  • Send funds to Reap for specific uses with ease

    • Reap Card (as collateral to define Reap Card's credit limit)

    • Reap Pay

    • General

  • Transfer funds between Reap Pay, Reap Card and Genera balances

Supported networks

You can transfer digital currencies to Reap for the following networks:

  • Ethereum (ERC20) - USDC & USDT

  • Polygon PoS (ERC20) - USDC & USDT

  • Tron (TRC20) - USDT

For each transfer of digital currency to Reap for various purposes, Reap will display the equivalent value in fiat currency (HKD or USD).

Once our system reconciles your transfer, you will be able to view the updated balance on the Reap Treasury page.

How will the different funds be used?

Reap Card

All the digital currencies sent to your 'Reap Card' balance serve as collateral. They are used to define your credit limit in a 1:1 ratio. Click here to learn how to increase your credit limit using digital currencies.

Pro Tips: When making a repayment via crypto collateral, your credit limited will be decreased.

Reap Pay

All digital currencies sent to your 'Reap Pay' balance will be used to facilitate future Reap Pay payments. Click here to learn more how to send funds to facilitate your Reap Pay payment.

What is “General”?

The General fund has the purpose to allow the user to send funds in Reap without being used right away for a particular designated purpose. If you send funds for your 'Reap Card' balance, they can be used as credit line instantly. If you send funds to the 'Reap Pay' balance, they will be used to fund awaiting Reap Pay payments.

However, once funds are deposited in General, they can be moved to different balances for different purposes later. Currently, we only support moving funds from 'General' to 'Reap Pay'; 'Reap Pay' to General'.

We have plans to extend the use of the General balance in the future to facilitate moving funds between entities, for example.