How to Add Funds to Your Reap Pay Wallet?


From this guide, you will learn how to add funds to your Reap Pay Wallet, find the wallet address, check the wallet balance, check your wallet funding records, and export the records.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click "Reap Pay"

  3. Click "Payments"

  4. Click "Add Funds"

  5. Click the copy icon to copy the wallet address. Then, please complete the fund-in process with your own wallet.

  6. Click "Back to payments dashboard".

  7. After you have made the crypto transfer to the designated wallet address, the funding will automatically be reconciled in 30 minutes. The total funds balance will increase accordingly.

    If the Reap Pay Wallet balance didn't update in time, please contact the Reap CS Team at Please share your email address and the transaction hash of the funding. Our team will need 1 - 3 working days to diagnose and reconcile the funding.

  8. You can also click the tooltip button next to the "Total Funds" section to view the Reap Pay Wallet funding records.

  9. The Reap Pay Wallet funding details are listed on the side panel, with an export button available for your team to receive a .csv file for record-keeping purposes.