How to apply for Reap Card?


Please log into & finish filling out your Reap Card application referring to the below steps. Click here for the Reap Card application checklist.

Step 1: After logging into Reap dashboard, click on Reap Card from the menu on the left of the main page, then click Apply now

Step 2: Company details, including Company Name and Business Type, etc. To better understand your business nature, please provide us your business website / social media account. If a business website / social media account is not available, please describe your business in the application. You can include information about the product / service the company offers, target customer, distribution channel and monthly sales volume of the company, etc

Step 3: Business address and Business registration number

Step 4: Provide Financial Info -

You can provide your company financial info by 1- Link your bank account and authorising Reap using Finverse to access your bank account information on a one-time basis; 2- Upload bank documents (click here to understand more about Finverse and connecting your bank account with Reap)

Submitting your financial info by connecting your bank account with Reap will be the fastest way to get approved. Please refer to this article to understand more about how Reap secures user data. It will take around 5 minutes for us to connect to your bank account, and you may proceed to the next step when the system shows Linked Successful. Please continue to Link more bank account and submit all company bank account details if your company have more than one bank account.

Please Upload your bank documents if you wish to complete the application without linking your bank account, or the bank you use is not included in our list.

Step 5: Provide personal details of Business Owners, including Legal name and Date of birth, etc. Please fill out the personal details according to the information stated on the Business owner's HKID. Make sure to add ALL Business owner's details to this application (more about identifying the Ultimate Beneficial Owner of your company, please go to this article)

Step 6: Complete Phone verification with WhatsApp / SMS / call

Step 7: Please confirm all the information you have provided in this application is correct and complete, then click Submit. We will send you a confirmation email after we received your Reap Card application.

Please feel free to schedule a demo with us if you have any questions about applying for Reap Card.