Do I need to pay an annual fee for Reap Card?


No, Reap’s corporate credit card does not include any annual or hidden service fees. For complete pricing information, please refer to our fee schedule below for details.

Reap Visa Card Fee Schedule

Fee Type


Annual Fee


Card Transaction (domestic)


Card Transaction (international)

2% and only if the foreign transaction was made in a currency other than your Domestic Currency (1)

ATM Withdrawal

2% of the transaction amount

Transaction Refund


Chargeback Dispute Handling Fee


Card Cancellation


Card Replacement


Minimum Payment

The Minimum Payment is the minimum amount you need to pay for an Account Statement in your Domestic Currency.

For HKD Cards:

- If the Account Statement balance is HK$2,000 or more: 1% of your total outstanding balance, or HK$2,000 (whichever is higher)

- If the Account Statement balance is less than HK$2,000: the statement balance

For USD Cards

- If the Account Statement balance is US$250 or more: 1% of your total outstanding balance, or US$250 (whichever is higher)

- If the Account Statement balance is less than US$250: the statement balance

Late Payment Fee

HK$230 or Minimum Payment (whichever is higher) for HKD Cards

US$30 or Minimum Payment (whichever is higher) for USD Cards

Return Check / Reject Autopay Fee


Repayment Fee

Repayment with fiat - none

Repayment with cryptocurrency - 1.2%

Interest Rates and Finance Charges


Annualised Percentage Rate (APR) (2) for overdue balance on Card purchases

25.00% APR. We will not charge you a finance charge if you pay your Account Statement in full by the due date each month, otherwise, a finance charge will be charged on the unpaid statement balance from the date of the previous statement on a daily basis until payment in full.

Interest-Free Period

Up to 51 days, meaning 20 days after each statement issue date.Unlike most credit card issuers, at Reap this interest-free period on the previous Account Statement’s spending continues to be available to you even if you have an overdue balance.

Minimum Payment Due

If we do not receive the Minimum Payment for an account statement, the Late Payment Fee will apply to that account statement. Notwithstanding the above and subject to the Interest-Free Period, interest is charged on any outstanding statement balance.

(1) Domestic Currency is the settlement currency of your Card, which is Hong Kong Dollars or US dollars depending on your choice of Card.

(2) APR is calculated according to the Net Present Value Method as specified in the Code of Banking Practice. The Finance Charge will be calculated at the applicable rate on a 365-day yearly basis.

Reap Visa Card Fee Schedule.pdf