How to make an HKD Card Repayment with bank transfers?


For the fastest reconciliation, we recommend making HKD repayments using FPS or CHATS through your bank's mobile app or online banking portal in Hong Kong. You can include the reference ID directly in the transaction details, ensuring automatic repayment matching on our system.

⚠️⚠️ To avoid delays, please ensure that the bank account holder is the same as your registered entity in Reap. Reap reserves the right to reject repayments made from unapproved sources. Please note that we strictly do not support third-party repayment.

Step 1: Go to the Repayment tab after logging into Reap dashboard (as shown on the left-hand sidebar). Afterwards, click the red button + Repayment.

Step 2: Choose Make payment via bank transfer to view the transfer details.

Step 3: The page will display Reap's bank account /FPS information, and a reference ID that is unique to every business.

Please include the reference ID when submitting the transfer (at the ‘Message,’ ‘Description,’ or ‘Reference’ step). This will help us identify your repayment.

If you transfer funds to Reap using Hong Kong's FPS (Fast Payment System) or CHATS (Clearing House Automated Transfer System) and include the reference ID provided in the 'Message To Payee' or 'Remarks' field, your repayment should reconcile automatically within 5 minutes. You do not need to click the 'I have transferred' button, no further action is required.

Please only click 'I have transferred' if the repayment does not show in your Reap dashboard within 5 minutes of making the bank transfer. This notifies our team to locate the funds.

Step 4: If you use other methods to transfer funds to us. For record-keeping, please declare how much you made for the transfer. If you did not pay the full balance, please choose the custom amount option in the drop-down menu, and type the repayment amount.

Please state the transfer date in the meantime. If you made the transfer earlier than the stated date, please choose the date accordingly.

Finally, you can upload the screenshot of your bank transfer for record-keeping purposes too! Please make sure to click the "Done" button to ensure that we receive the notification.

❗Cheque repayments

Kindly be informed that we DO NOT accept cheque repayment from March 2024 onwards.