How to Export Reap Card Transaction History

  1. After logging into your Reap Dashboard, click on Reap Card and then go to the Transactions page.

  2. Click Export, then pick Export All (without receipt) or Export All with receipts. You may also select your desired transactions and click Export selected or Export selected with receipt.

  3. Your Reap Card Transaction History will be downloaded. Click on the downloaded CSV file to view your transaction history of the chosen range.

Exporting a refined CSV result

Apart from exporting a full CSV result, you can also download a transaction history with partial results.

  1. To export a certain period of your Reap Card Transaction History, Click on Filter.

  2. Pick filters like Paid Date or Cleared Date, then input the Start date and End date. Once the transactions have been loaded, then follow steps 2 and 3 above to export a file with a more specific result.