Why my Reap Card transactions were declined?


We all understand the pain of card transaction decline. We are here to provide some tips for you to work on some initial troubleshooting.

First, please make sure you have activated your card, understand if there are any spending restrictions applied on the card by your company admin, and confirm the card is not frozen. Next, check if you have received any email notifications from Reap regarding the transaction. If you have received the email, we will mention the reason in the message.

Common decline messages:

  1. Insufficient fund:

    Your Reap Card total or sub-card balance is insufficient to pay the transaction. Please visit the dashboard to confirm your card balance before making a large-volume transaction.

  2. EH timeout:

    The payment processing time is longer than expected. Please retry the transaction 15 minutes later.

  3. Category restrictions:

    Please contact your Group Owner and/or admin for details, and see if they can lift the restrictions for you to finish the transaction.

Also, you can view all declined transactions on Reap Card → Transactions → Declined tab.

Troubleshooting failed transactions without email notifications

There are situations where your vendor has rejected the card transaction before the request is sent to our side. As a result, there are some declined transactions that you do not get to receive email notifications or view the record on your dashboard.

Please try some of these methods and see if they help you proceed further.

  1. Removing Autofill

    Some browsers allow you to save your credit card information and click to fill in the details when you check out your shopping card. However, please note that some vendors may reject transactions if the card number is auto-filled. Please try to type the card number and details whenever possible.

    Auto-fill feature illustration

  2. VPN Connection

    If your device is connected to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), there is a chance that the transaction cannot be completed. Please try turning it off and retrying the transaction.

Need more help?

If you tried the ways above and are still unable to complete a Reap Card transaction, feel free to send us a message via live chat or email: hello@reap.global

Please include the following information for a better understanding of your situation.

  1. Vendor of the transaction

  2. Time of attempting the transaction

  3. Steps that you have completed or stuck
    (e.g. I entered the SMS OTP, but the transaction page went blank and no order is confirmed)