How to receive SMS One-Time Passwords (OTP) for Reap Card online transactions


Q: What is 3D Secure and how does it affect my Reap card transactions?

3D Secure is an added layer of security for online credit card transactions. When you make purchases online, if the merchant requires 3D Secure verification, you will be prompted to provide a One-Time Password (OTP). This feature helps protect against unauthorized use of your card when shopping online at participating merchants.

Q: What are the ways to receive OTP messages for my Reap Card transactions?

We offer two methods for you to receive One-Time Passwords (OTP) for your Reap card transactions:

  1. SMS: The traditional method involves sending the OTP to your registered mobile number via text message.

  2. Mobile App: As part of our commitment to providing convenient and efficient services, we've developed a feature that allows you to receive OTP messages directly within our mobile app. This serves as a great alternative to SMS, especially if you're facing issues with receiving text messages.

Q: What if I need to make an urgent transaction and cannot receive the SMS OTP?

If you need to make a transaction urgently and cannot receive the SMS OTP, please switch your verification method to the mobile app. If neither way works for you, please reach out to our Customer Success team for further assistance.

To report this issue to our external partner for troubleshooting, we will need some information from you:

  • The phone number used to receive OTP (including the country code):

  • Name of your telecom provider:

  • The location where you're receiving the SMS:

  • Merchant name:

Once we receive these details, we will do our best to resolve the issue promptly.