How to create your first payment on Reap


Reap Pay can help you effectively utilize your Reap Card/ or crypto funds to settle expenses that traditionally do not accept credit card payments. To use Reap Pay to make a payment, you need to provide the below information:

  1. Once you have logged into your Reap account, click on "Reap Pay" on the left hand side of the web page, then click on "Payments"

  2. Click on "+ Add payment" button on the top right hand corner of the page. Then click on "+ Add a new recipient" button to set the recipient currency, category and type

  3. Next, choose whether to make the payment via bank transfer or FPS transfer. Then input the corresponding account information required.

  4. Provide payment details, such as specifying how much the recipient gets; the payment reference; how frequently the payment should repeat; and when the payment should arrive. You will be required to upload an invoice or supporting document

  5. After filling out the payment details, click "Continue" and input your credit card information

  6. Once you finish filling in all the required information, you can review and confirm all the information you have entered. You will also need to agree to the terms and conditions before submitting your payment