How to settle a bill with multiple credit cards


In this example, the bill was paid with 3 different cards of the user, therefore 3 different payments were created. User can separate the bill amount into different credit cards as desired and decide the amount to pay by each card as long as the total of all the payments add up to the amount stated on the bill.

The steps are as below:

1. Add Recipient details according to the bill (recipient name and amount must match).

2. Add Payment details. As the bill amount is split into different payments, please make sure to fill out the Payment reference with i.) invoice name and ii.) indicate the part of each payment. Please see end of the article for example of payment reference.

3. Please upload the same supporting document for all payments related to the bill.

4. Select a credit card of your choice to settle respective part of the bill.

Payment reference of the 1st payment

Payment reference of the 2nd payment

Payment reference of the 3rd payment