Can I create a payment with more than one Cryptocurrency?


Yes. If you fund your account in both USDC and USDT, you will have the option to pay with both currencies should you have insufficient funds to complete the payment with just one currency. For example, you have a payment of EUR 1,800, which equivalents USD 1985.22, but neither USDC or USDT balance in your Reap Pay wallet is sufficient to settle that up, you may opt to pay with both currencies.

Do note that there is no additional charge for this other than the existing Crypto Pay fees.

You may indicate that you want to use both currencies (USDC and USDT) to fund a payment on the “Review” step of payment creation.

You may choose to fund the payment primarily with USDC or USDT.

Click here to enable multi-currency funding should you have insufficient primary funds to proceed with the payment.

The dashboard will show the exact amount for both USDC and USDT that will be used to fund the payment.

Once everything is confirmed, kindly click “Proceed to payment”.