What is a secured credit card?


A secured credit card works like any credit card where the main difference is an upfront deposit required to secure your credit limit. Hence, do note that should you use your deposit to make a repayment, it will affect your overall credit limit.

To keep your transactions smooth and ensure that your monthly expenses are covered, please ensure that there is enough deposit available in your account.

Every month by the 20th you’ll have to repay all the transactions you made in the previous month. To understand the billing cycle, please refer to this page.

We accept repayments in different currencies and methods, please refer to our HKD card repayment guide for more details.

We only touch the collateral under two circumstances.

1) When you want to stop using our services / reduce the credit limit, we will refund the deposit.

2) When you fail to repay us, we reserve the right to use the deposit to liquidate the collateral to pay the outstanding balances.