How many virtual cards can I get?


Reap Card offers business owners the flexibility to manage their expenses through different card functions and the Reap dashboard. We do not have a limit on the number of virtual cards a user can create. Therefore as a Reap Card user, you can create as many virtual cards as you need.

Use Reap Card to manage your company expenses & empower your employee. You can refer to the below on the common use case of our virtual card plans.

Top-up card:

  • perfect for expenses for an upcoming purchase or project that you need to reserve a certain amount

  • the top-up amount will affect the Reserved amount in your company-level budget

  • An example use case would be an event/project card, suitable for one-off payments for a particular cardholder that happens once in a while

Recurring card:

  • provide a recurring monthly amount that you want the cardholder to get access to

  • the recurring amount you set for this card will not affect the Reserved amount in your company-level budget. That means if the company overspends, there is a chance this card will not be able to utilise the whole assigned budget.

  • Example use cases would be recurring subscription spends or recurring employee cards