FAQs on Expired Reap Cards


Q: Why is my Reap Card showing as "expired"?

A: The reason why a Reap Card is showing as "expired" is that the card has reached its expiration date. In this case, the card will no longer be valid for use, and users will need to create a new card to continue using our services.

Q: Can the expiry date of a Reap Card be changed?

A: Out of security concerns, the expiry date of a Reap Card cannot be changed. If the Reap Card was set up with the wrong expiry date, please reissue the card with the correct expiry date. This will ensure the card's security and prevent any potential issues with payments or transactions.

Q: Will a new Reap Card be automatically reissued to me with the same number once it expires?

A: No, once the Reap Card expires, it will be deactivated and cannot be used.

If the expired card is a virtual card, the user can order a new one on the dashboard by themselves. If the expired card is a physical card, the user needs to contact the customer success team to print and ship the new card. They can choose whether they want the new card to have the same card number or a different one. Please note that the CVV and expiry date will update regardless.

Q: What happens to online subscription fees tied to an expired Reap Card?

A: Once the Reap Card expires, any subscriptions tied to the card will be automatically declined. To avoid any interruption in service, cardholders should update their subscription payment information with the new Reap Card details as soon as possible.

Q: What happens if a refund is issued to an expired Reap Card?

A: If a refund is issued to an expired Reap Card, the refund will still be processed. The refunded amount will then be added and reflected in the company’s available balance.