How to Increase Credit Limit via Fiat Currency Collateral on Reap Card Dashboard


We have launched our latest feature to allow users to increase the company's credit limit with collateral (deposits) directly on our Reap dashboard. Please refer to the tutorial below for detailed steps.

⚠️⚠️ Please note that we will only be able to process deposits made from bank accounts with the same name as your registered entity in Reap. Please do not make deposits from your personal bank account.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click "Reap Card" → "Transactions".

  3. Click the "Increase credit via deposit" Button.

  4. Input the desired monthly budget limit amount in the "increase credit limit" field.

  5. Please confirm the currency that we accept in the Currency field before making the transfer.

  6. Click "I have read and agree to the Secured Reap Card Agreement".

  7. Click "Make Deposit".

  8. In your own e-banking portal, make the bank transfer to the listed account number, with the reference ID included in the Remark/ note field in the bank transfer.

  9. Click the checkbox to confirm doing so.

  10. Click "I have transferred" to create a notification for our team to process your request.

  11. Click "Done" to end the deposit placement process.

  12. Click "View details" in the Requested credit status to check the deposit approval status. It usually takes 1 working day to review your request.