How to Make a Repayment with the Deposit?


To make a repayment using your deposit, it's essential to have sufficient funds available. If you need to place a deposit, please refer to our guide for detailed instructions.

Please keep in mind that withdrawing your deposit to make repayment will decrease your company's spending power and may impact your existing cards, as some of them may have a capped credit limit. We recommend adding funds to your collateral deposit before initiating a repayment with a deposit transaction.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1. Click on Reap Card after logging into your Reap Dashboard.

Step 2. Click on Repayment.

Step 3. Click on Make Repayment.

Step 4. Click on Reap crypto deposit.

Please note that you will only be able to use your collateral of stablecoins to use this option. You will not be able to use your fiat collateral.

Step 5. Choose the amount you would like to make a repayment for, then click Confirm Payment. *

*Remarks: The image is just a demonstration and the transaction fee may differ from this demo. To a full list of charges, kindly refer here.

Step 6. Click on Confirm and then click Done.

Step 7. You can easily check your deposit withdrawn record by clicking on the tooltip icon next to the Deposit displayed.

**Should you wish to make a repayment with your fiat deposit, kindly reach out to your respective Relationship Manager or the Reap Customer Success team at for further assistance