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How to Increase Credit Limit with Cryptocurrencies?
How to Increase Credit Limit with Cryptocurrencies?

Introducing our Reap Card crypto deposit tool

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We have launched our latest feature to allow users increasing the credit limit with our tool on the Reap dashboard.

Please refer to the tutorial below on the detailed steps. For an immersive desktop experience, please visit this website.

  1. Visit Reap dashboard → Reap Card → Transactions page to view the Request credit button

  2. You will see a pop-up window where you can input how much extra credit limit your company is looking for. After reading the Secured Reap Card Agreement, click the checkbox to agree with the terms and click the Make Deposit button to confirm.

  3. You will see the amount confirmation, along with our Reap custodial account address. After you have sent the funds, please click I have transferred to notify us of this.

  4. It takes 1 business day to see the updated limit on your account. You can track the progress on the Transactions page of the Reap dashboard.
    Once the limit got increased, you will receive a notification and see an update on the dashboard too!

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