Getting started with Reap Card


Quick guide to set up your Reap Card

After passing business verification, you're only one step away from using your Reap Card. We recommend following our guide to set up your account, activate it, and start enjoying the benefits of your Reap Card.

Step 0: Define your credit limit by making a deposit

Why does Reap requires a deposit?

Before using the card, you need to define your credit limit by sending funds into your Reap Card balance as collaterals. This is a prerequisite because you must establish your credit limit before your Reap Card can be activated. This limit will determine your card's spending power.

You can read this guide to know how to send collaterals to your Reap Card:

✨✨✨After the previous step, you can start using your virtual Reap Card immediately for all online purchases.

Step 1: Start spending with your Reap Card

You can use your default Reap Card for all online purchases immediately. If you want to use your card for physical transactions, you can either:

  1. Connect your virtual card to your mobile wallet

  2. Order a physical card

Step 2: Understand the billing cycle and repayment process of Reap Card

Reap is a credit card that offers the convenience of a secured line of credit. The importance of diligently meeting the monthly repayment obligations is crucial. To understanding better, we encourage you to read the following articles:

Step 3: Set up your Reap account by inviting members and creating rules

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If you're interested in learning more about using Reap, please contact our team. You can find information about the appropriate team member to speak with, along with our contact details, here:

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