Getting started with Reap Pay


Quick Guide to Start Using Reap Pay

Once you've passed the business verification, you can start using Reap Pay. This guide will help you set up your first Reap Pay payment.

Step 1: Select the Source of Funds for Your Reap Pay Payment

You can fund your Reap Pay payment with your Reap Card or by sending funds directly to your dedicated Reap Pay wallet.

To fund with your Reap Card:

If you want to use your Reap Card as your source of funds, ensure you've already set up your Reap Card. Please note that we do not support the usage of non-Reap Cards on our platform.

To fund with Stable Coins:

If you choose to fund your Reap Pay payment directly from your Reap Pay wallet, you need to first send funds to your Reap Pay wallet.

Step 2: Create a Reap Pay Payment

Read this page to learn how to set up your first Reap Pay payment.

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Extra Steps: Invite Team Members or Set Up Approval Policy

If you'd like to learn more about using Reap, please contact our team. To find the right team member to speak with, along with our contact details, click here:

Know Who to Talk to @ Reap